Either Butterfly Orchid, chic and trendy.

Style icon

The Phalaenopsis or Butterfly orchid is particularly popular among consumers. It is a style icon with an elegant and chic look, which at the same time fits in trendy and modern interiors. The fact that the plant is extremely easy to care for means that it fits into any busy family life.


Wooning Orchids offers a large collection in two qualities all year round: Essential and Exclusive. We also have a sustainable Phalaenopsis line, Phalaenature. See below a selection from our range. If you want to know more, contact the sales team or look at FloraXchange.


Based on strict selection requirements, we have created an assortment of more than 30 different types of Phalaenopsis. Below is a selection from our range.


This Phalaenopsis line focuses on sustainability. The Phalaenature concept originated from the idea of reducing the use of plastic. Not only is attention paid to cultivation, the packaging material has also been included in this line of thought.