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Your style

Our pay-off is ‘your style’. This refers to our well-developed feeling for consumers’ own style, but also illustrates our approach. Because we have the right knowledge and experience in-house, we are always able to fulfil your wishes.

The focus is on plants with added value. With different grades and with innovative creations, we continuously offer consumers in Europe an attractive product.



Our company is your reliable partner for large or small quantities of Dendrobium Nobile and Phalaenopsis. With or without added value, we are happy to help you.


We do not only strive for sustainable cultivation, packaging materials are also included in order to arrive at a sustainable end product. A sustainably grown experience.

Added value

At Wooning Orchids, everyone contributes to creating a special product. At every step we are aware that it is a gift.

Top and middle segment

Our enthusiastic team works hard every day to fulfil the wishes of our customers. Thanks to an advanced logistics system, we can deliver quickly and precisely. Buyers in the top and middle segments of the market value our reliability. They really appreciate the quality and range of the plants, the way we deliver what we promise and our clear communication.

With our creations we create added value for every link in the chain. Expertise in interior and fashion trends makes Wooning Orchids the ultimate partner for a Dendrobium Nobile or Phalaenopsis with added value.

MPS certification

Our MPS certification ensures that we take account of the environment, people and society. We are honest and open about how we cultivate, our quality and reliability is tested regularly, and we invest to the fullest in sustainable entrepreneurship. With this label we meet all the demands our buyers impose. So when you do business with us, you are assured that the environmental, quality and social aspects have all been guaranteed.



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Benefits of Nature

Wooning Orchids is affiliated with Benefits of Nature. We are constantly working on making the company more sustainable. Think of our products, packaging and business processes. Our goal is to make our footprint as small as possible. Ultimately, we want to provide consumers with beautiful, healthy and honest orchids. A sustainably grown experience.